Terms & Conditions changes effective 20th August 2018


In October 2017 we introduced an easier, quicker way to clear your sterling cheques and credit transfers by processing a digital image of your cheque. From September 2018 onwards we will clear all cheque and credit transfers digitally. We’ve made it easier and faster for you:


  • Faster access to funds - You will now be able to access cleared funds within two working days instead of six. All sterling cheques and credit transfers which you lodge in your branch will clear by 23:59 the next weekday (except bank holidays) and in many cases earlier. We will advise you via website updates and branch notices when we make this change.
  • No change in how you do things - You can still write cheques and use credit transfers just as you do at the moment. You will still be able to pay in a cheque through our in branch ‘QuickLodge’ or Post Office as you do today.
  • You’ll know where you stand - Your available balance will update quicker. If you’ve written a cheque to someone, those funds will leave your account faster meaning you are in control of your finances at all times.
  • Environmentally friendly - Banks won’t share paper cheques anymore. If we need to return your cheque i.e. if it’s unpaid, we’ll write to you, include the digital image of your original cheque and advise your next steps.


Improvements we’ve made for you

We understand that you want to bank when it suits you - online, on the move, over the phone, in a branch or in a Post Office. To help you bank better, we’re continually enhancing our services. You can now report your Debit or Credit card as lost or stolen through Online Banking and our Mobile App. This will cancel your card immediately and we’ll send you a replacement. If you need to cancel a Direct Debit and/or stop a cheque our Customer Contact Centre will also be able to help.


We’re here to help

You can find out more about image clearing at www.chequeandcredit.co.uk and if you have any further questions you can contact us on 0345 6005925*, or call into a branch and we will be happy to help.



The following are the Terms & Conditions that will be changing from the 20th August 2018: