Environmental Policy

First Trust Bank is committed to positive environmental practice as an integral part of its corporate responsibilities.

First Trust Bank impacts on the environment directly through the consumption of energy and other resources used in our daily operations and indirectly through the provision of finance for other businesses which may have an impact on the environment. First Trust Bank is committed to the protection of the environment and to minimising the impact of its operations through a programme of continuous improvement. In particular First Trust Bank will:-


  • Meet or exceed all relevant environmental obligations under laws and regulations;
  • Accept responsibility for contributing to the protection of the environment and strive to ensure that our actions will not detract from the long-term sustainability of environmental resources;
  • Assess and improve the impact of our actions on the environment in our daily operations and strategic planning;
  • Design energy efficiency into new services, buildings and manage energy efficiency across all operations;
  • Strive to reduce the consumption of materials and energy and use renewable or recyclable materials where possible;
  • Minimise harmful emissions;
  • Apply environmental criteria in assessing credit risk;
  • Promote advantageous environmental practices by all staff;
  • Consult with our suppliers to improve the environmental impact of goods and services provided to the Bank through a quality procurement policy.


Find out more about First Trust Bank's Environmental Objectives and Environmental Management in our Related Information section.

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Related Information

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    Environmental Management Programme

    First Trust Bank is very conscious of its responsibilities to the environment, in particular that the needs of today's society should not be achieved at the expense of the sustainability of future generations.

    In order to fulfil this goal we have initiated an Environmental Management Programme which gives everyone in First Trust Bank an opportunity to make a contribution towards a better environment both at work and in their personal lives.

    Good environmental management is also an important contributor to overall business performance. Internally we principally impact on the environment through our energy consumption and our use of paper. By reducing energy consumption and waste and making improvements in overall efficiency we cannot only improve the environment but also improve the health of our business.

    The environmental programme has outlined a number of objectives linked to the overall directions defined in our environmental policy. As we work towards delivering these we do so within a framework of continuous improvement. It is our overall objective to continue to integrate the Environmental Management System as much as possible within the normal operating and management structure, so that it continues to be an integral part of how we conduct our business.


    Environmental Objectives

    The First Trust Bank Environmental Management System (EMS) is formulated to progress our current environmental performance to a higher level. This programme links policies to individual objectives and targets. A selection of objectives with targets are outlined below.


    Objectives and Targets

    • Integrate the EMS into daily operations by raising environmental awareness through the Branch Network and across head office departments.
    • Manage energy efficiently across all operations and monitor energy consumption.
    • Monitor waste going to landfill and make conscious efforts to reduce by introduction of initiatives, engagement with contractors and raising awareness of recycling options with staff.
    • Incorporate environmental issues in First Trust Bank training programmes and promote advantageous environmental practices through all staff.

    Further Information

    The contact point for any enquiry is:

    Environmental Officer
    First Trust Bank
    Property Department
    PO BOX 123
    92 Ann Street
    BT1 3AY

    or Email: ft.environment@aib.ie

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    Energy Policy

    First Trust Bank recognises that the consumption of fossil fuels has a negative impact on the environment through emissions of carbon dioxide resulting in climate change and the depletion of non-renewable energy sources. First Trust Bank is committed to managing its use of energy in order for it to both maintain its commitment to sound environmental management and to maintain its commitment to managing costs within the company.  With this in mind the organisation will:


    • endeavour to procure energy from green, clean or renewable sources
    • monitor and target energy savings
    • keep an asset register of significant energy consuming equipment and ensure they are maintained and kept in good working order
    • benchmark energy consumption

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    Waste Policy

    It is part of First Trust Bank's policy on sound environmental management to ensure that it manages waste in a responsible and legally compliant manner and chooses the most suitable waste disposal option for its waste.  It will: 


    • check whether the choice of option is restricted by legislation
    • ensure that on-site storage, treatment and disposal facilities have an environmental permit or waste exemption
    • establish company procedures for the segregation and storage of different streams
    • ensure compliance with general health and safety legislation as applicable to waste
    • select appropriate waste management options for each waste stream
    • review services offered by contractors and engage a reputable contractor who offers an appropriate package, and seek to move away from landfill where possible

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    Green Travel Policy

    First Trust Bank will strive to reduce the environmental impact of our travel demands through travel awareness amongst employees and through encouraging environment conscious travel behaviour. We will endeavour to reduce business mileage and promote efficient and effective transport arrangements.

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    Green Procurement Policy

    The aim of the Environmental Purchasing Policy is to prompt staff involved in the procurement of goods and services to use environmental responsibility as a factor in their purchasing decisions.

    In particular for them to:


    • Consider goods and services which can be manufactured, used and disposed of in an environmentally responsible way
    • Give preference, where items are of a similar cost, to those that are manufactured with a high recycled content
    • Ensure potential suppliers specify items that can be recycled or reused
    • Consider the energy usage/cost of operating equipment prior to purchase
    • Favour suppliers, where items are of a similar cost, that are committed to environmental improvement
    • Consider ‘whole life’ costs and impacts when assessing equipment for purchase.

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