Changes to our Personal Current Account fees and interest from July 2017


You recently received a letter from us advising of the changes we’re making to our fees and interest charges. If we do charge you, we want you to know exactly what you are paying for.


How to reduce fees and interest

It’s simple! If you keep your account in credit for the fee and interest period you will not incur arranged or unarranged borrowing fees.

A helping hand so you don’t get charged excessive unarranged borrowing fees

Charges for unarranged borrowing can be expensive, so we’re introducing a new cap on Unarranged Overdraft charges. This monthly cap prevents you facing excessive charges if your account becomes overdrawn without an arrangement.


What is the monthly cap and how is it calculated?


Monthly cap on unarranged overdraft charges


  1. Each current account will set a monthly maximum charge for:


    (a) going overdrawn when you have not arranged an overdraft; or


    (b) going over/past your arranged overdraft limit (if you have one). 

  3. This cap covers any:


    (a) interest and fees for going over/past your arranged overdraft limit;


    (b) fees for each payment your bank allows despite lack of funds; and


    (c) fees for each payment your bank refuses due to lack of funds.


A copy of your updated Terms and Conditions which come into effect from 17 July 2017 is available below:

If you have any questions you can contact our dedicated customer helpline on 0345 600 5925 and we’ll be happy to help.

Private Banking customers can also contact their Relationship Manager on 028 9047 9790


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